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Date: 03/10/2022 - Upvotes : 128 - Words : 256

[VLOG] Sadie The Energetic Black Lab

<center><a href='!/v/d00k13/5f68yxc4cg0'><img src='' ></a></center><hr> ![]( <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) <br> Welcome to the Mobile D00k13, today I am introducing the lady whom started it all, Sadie! Sadie is a 2 year old Black Lab with endless energy. I had a ton of fun taking her out for an hour long walk at McCauley Point Park. Starting off with letting her play off leash with the other dogs I was paying such close attention I had forgotten to even record. Despite only being a puppy I am noticing that Sadie is able to recognize and respect the wishes of other dogs. We had 2 situations where Sadie ran up to greet an older dog whom was unsure of her and reacted with vocalizations. Sadie simply walked away only to then kept pace with them as if she was saying “I got you!”. It was very amazing to watch her feel out the other dogs. Back at the place where I once said “I will one day walk again”, now realizing that goal I set a few more while dreaming of them coming true… <br> *That’s it, *[*@d00k13*](* Out!!!* <br> ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) #### Check Out The [FreeWriteHouse]( Prompt Of The Day By [MarianneWest]( 📷[*Look For The 5-Min*]( [*#FreeWrite*]( [*Daily Prompt On MarianneWest’s Blog*]( Share your [#freewrite]( in One Love Community [@hive-134220]( for a chance at Votes & Reblog. ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) [❤️ Please Tip & Subscribe on DTube ❤️](!/c/d00k13) [Find Your Incentivized Creative Freedom]( [Subscribe To My Newsletter, Stay In The Loop!]( [Vote Me As Your Community Elected DTube Leader](!/election) [Join Me In One Love Discord Where I Host Live Events & Giveaways](  #### [Read & Comment & Like On My Super-HIVE]( <hr><a href='!/v/d00k13/5f68yxc4cg0'> ▶️ DTube</a><br />
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aliveandthriving :
Very inspiring bro @d00k13 Awesome goal to overcome amazing my friend😎 Congratulations on walking again ![]( *Made in Canva* !ALIVE ![]( - @benthomaswwd - Moderator
monoartista :
hey !
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