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▶ Troubles With SuperHive

<center><a href='!/v/d00k13/dv8hlt82n7t'><img src='' ></a></center><hr> Overall I am extremely happy with the results installing SuperHive on my webpage. Unlike the WordPress and option for HIVE posting SuperHive allows for aggregation of all posts made. However pleased I am there are a few bugs I am experiencing I hoped to get some help with. Don't worry there is nothing critically wrong rather my SuperHive just needs some refinements. *Where's That Squirrel?* Fairly nice and quite spot just a jaunt from home, taking Jerry for a walk in this Mobile D00k13 ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) #### Troubles With SuperHive Starting off I should state that I had my server manager install this for me so I am not 100% certain what is required at server level as of yet. Although I did not install this myself in future I will be doing a review and tutorial explaining some of the trials and tribulations. With that out of the way, I am proud to announce that my SuperHive is online and functional however terrible handling of DTube post formatting is. Heading to my webpage you will notice right on the main page underneath my blog is the link to find SuperHive and it actually works to do you voting and commenting using Hive Key Chain. After setting up the admin panel my Hive Feed was automatically generated and I even successfully edited a post adding an image. Earlier I made an attempt to post a FreeWrite using SuperHive. Hoping to test how making a post with SuperHive will work I noticed that every DTube post on SuperHive fails to load image previews unless edited with a normal format image link. ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) #### FeedBack, HELP! Unable To Post: The posting button remains non-clickable. The button looks to be functional but when clicking post on a new submission it does nothing unlike when I made an edit it had opened Hive Key Chain and asked for permission to make a transaction. In video I come to the conclusion it is likely to do with Hive Key Chain not recognizing the request made by button. Have you experienced this? Let me know the solution! Post Writing Window To Small: This is obviously a bug seeing how the background area behind the text window is much wider and fitted to screen. The text box appears to not recognize my browsers/devices screen dimension settings for what ever reason. Do you know an easy way to fix this? Post Layouts, Markdown Handling: I have come to the conclusion that the issue with markdown and post layout is related to IPFS image handling. Playing with settings I noticed that using developer mode has some effect on the problem but does not seem to solve markdown formatting nor the IPFS image preview handling. If I can get my SuperHive to allow for DTube post's to display correctly without formatting it will make this SuperHive much more functional for myself. Do you know how I may be able to modify my super hive or submit a commit to GitHub to correct this bug? Template Refinement: Not a bug, I need some help refining the template to link back to and match my current landing page styling. Would you be interested in helping me create a custom CSS template? ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280)  *If you know the solution to any of my troubles above please do reach out to me. I would really appreciate any feedback, Thank You!* *That’s it, *[*@d00k13*](* Out!!!* ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) #### Check Out The [FreeWriteHouse]( Prompt Of The Day By [MarianneWest]( 📷[*Look For The 5-Min*]( [*#FreeWrite*]( [*Daily Prompt On MarianneWest’s Blog*]( Share your [#freewrite]( in One Love Community [@hive-134220]( for a chance at Votes & Reblog. ![](,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280) [❤️ Please Tip & Subscribe on DTube ❤️](!/c/d00k13) [Find Your Incentivized Creative Freedom]( [Subscribe To My Newsletter, Stay In The Loop!]( [Vote Me As Your Community Elected DTube Leader](!/election) [Join Me In One Love Discord Where I Host Live Events & Giveaways](  #### [Read & Comment & Like On My Super-HIVE]( <hr><a href='!/v/d00k13/dv8hlt82n7t'> ▶️ DTube</a><br />
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monoartista :
what is super hive?
monoartista :
<center><a href='!/v/monoartista/mivye6ixzzg'><img src='' ></a></center><hr> <hr><a href='!/v/monoartista/mivye6ixzzg'> ▶️ DTube</a><br />
diyhub :
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heartbeatonhive :
Hey @d00k13 sorry to hear about your situation my friend I hope you are able to find a solution This is very interesting project i have to do something similar soon I was not aware of this Super Hive😎 **I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation trail** ![hboh (250 × 250 px).png](
bambukah :
Hey Bro', I'm the SuperHive developer :) Just find your post ! i'll releaser some updates in a few days. After that, it would be a pleasure to help you !