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Date: 03/03/2022 - Upvotes : 78 - Words : 269

If Only We Lived In The Marvel Universe 5-Min #FreeWrite #FreeWritePoetry

Waking up today I find myself looking for something to write about. The daily preceding's of my life are not something I always wish to think about and in past have found the FreeWrite's a very productive outlet. Starting back into this today on my blog we will see how well SuperHive handles making its first post. Currently it there are a few bugs that will need ironing out on the posting screen before I will be able to write the post directly within SuperHive, @PeakD templates save the day!!! <center>*(posting from SuperHive failed, button on posting screen not clickable)*</center> <br> <center>![Blockchain Coffee](</center> <center>![One Love Community Page Break](</center> <br> # <center>If Only We Lived In The Marvel Universe</center> <center>[Day 1601: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: spider man]( </center> <br> I am but.. A man on a mission, save the day, senses alerted, when I am prey. Vandals begotten, stand not in my way. I'll sling to Ukraine, save the day. Web is fortress slung, between the wreckage, bouncing bombs back, as if defective. Putin he stands for, propaganda and lies, I will web his mouth, so no more must die. <br> <center>***If only we lived in the Marvel Universe***</center> <br> <center>That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!</center> <br> <center>![FreeWrite RedGreen](</center> <br> ## <center>Blockchain Coffee</center> Share your #freewrite in One Love Community @hive-134220 for a chance at Votes & Reblog. <br> <center>![FreeWrite RedGreen](</center> <br> #### <center>Check Out The [FreeWriteHouse]( Prompt Of The Day By [MarianneWest](</center> <center>[![](](</center> | <center>***[Look For The 5-Min]( #FreeWrite [Daily Prompt On MarianneWest’s Blog](***</center> -|-| <br> <center>![One Love Community Page Break](</center> <br> <center>[❤️ Please Like & Subscribe ❤️](!/c/d00k13)</center> <center>[Find Your Incentivized Creative Freedom](</center> <center>[Subscribe To My Newsletter, Stay In The Loop!](</center> <center>[Vote Me As Your Community Elected DTube Leader](!/election)</center> <center>[Join Me In One Love Discord Where I Host Live Events & Giveaways](</center> #### <center>[Read & Comment & Like On My Super-HIVE](</center>
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