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Date: 02/26/2022 - Upvotes : 113 - Words : 96

[DTube Leader Update] Now I Shall Be Good

<center><a href='!/v/d00k13/xo6aczlj8kx'><img src='' ></a></center><hr> Discussing why I needed to reach out for help managing my DTube Leader Node and what it means for my future as a leader and projects. With help I have already been able to get webapp and block explorer mirrors functioning on my domain as well as API. Over time I hope to continue improving but my first step will be my homepage and linking to now established infrastructure. API: WebApp: Avalon Block Explorer: ❤️ Please Like & Subscribe ❤️ 🗳 Support Me By Voting My DTube Leader Node 🗳 -!/election <hr><a href='!/v/d00k13/xo6aczlj8kx'> ▶️ DTube</a><br />
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Comments :

offgridlife :
Beautiful site. Hey I bought some more Dtube on Ionomy… 1,500 DTC … ready to post more videos on D.Tube.
anime4-theworld :
Hey dook, good to see you are doing fine, ❤️
wiljman76 :
Great outdoor shots bro! Love the mobile d00ki3 and excellent work getting your node up and running!